Evoking the Deep

I see the future and all I’ve dreamed
as I’m staring into your eyes
A hope for today and forevermore
I feel a chill as we share a moon rise

Our dinner dates when you wear a dress
my heart so restless to take you home
Dancing in the kitchen as we laugh and sing
to the bedroom our bodies slowly roam

Never doubt that I love every inch of you
there’s no region I won’t explore
Your dark satin body as my lips venture
a trembling voice says to give you more

Like a tot in a sweet shop, I’ll get my fill
dessert time before we start to bake
I came prepared to be your sugar man
Reddi-Wip to frost my chocolate cake

Devouring at the top and I eat my way down
an insatiable hunger for your flavor
You watch as I approach the last bite

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