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No it’s not a joke I did get two shots today in my head, the back of my head in hopes that it would head disperse the massive headache that’s been plaguing me for weeks now. It work for a few hours not as long as we hoped but we knew going in that it may only last a a couple. The knots in my head at my pressure points were bad. Lidocaine, by the way doesn’t feel so hot when you get a shot or two of it in the back of your head, that’s just an FYI.

Needless to say my Monday was shot, no pun intended, for me to get any work completed. I couldn’t feel half of my head. And it felt funny, I didn’t want to take any chances with my writing. Though it might have helped, I’ll never know. 😉 Now the two spots where the needles went in my head really hurt and the headache is slowly coming back. But maybe I’ll get lucky and the new meds well help, so I’ll be able to start sharing my writing.

I did find this weekend some places that I may want to submit some work too, so I really need to work. Does anyone know a song, dance, or chant, to make a headache go away? I’m in need, I really want to write, for a few hours… Please.