Filling the Well

Earlier this year I was talking with Rose, who does the programming at MileHi Con, and we realized that this year is the tenth anniversary of the publication of the first Kitty story in Weird Tales.  It got enough good feedback that I wrote a second story, and a third, then the novel — and, well, the rest, as they say…  I tweaked and adapted that first story, “Doctor Kitty Solves All Your Love Problems,” to make it a chapter in the first novel, so if you’ve read Midnight Hour you’ve read the story.  But that’s where it all started.

It’s kind of a trip to think how much has happened in the last ten years.  The Weird Tales sale was only my third or fourth short story sale, and I was thrilled because I’d been trying to get into the magazine for years.  But I had absolutely no…

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