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I’ve been finding lately that I’m reviewing books differently than others. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m looking at the book from an writer/readers point of view and not just as a reader or what but its very confusing. Like today over at PBD someone did really like The Help, one of the reasons was because of a characters actions on how she acted/treated her mother’s illness. Her mother had cancer, since I just lost my father to cancer this summer and spent a year watch/listening to my dad telling me he was fine. I completely felt like the character was written the way someone deal with it would handle especial when their parent isn’t giving them all the details. I’m not sure if the reader has been in the situation to know how families act, or if he/she just thinks it would be different. Its not, you play along with whatever that parent wants, until you can get information. It sucks.

On a different site I was reading some friends opinion on Drink Deep and again people wanted things in the plot to be moved around so they didn’t have to wait for what they wanted to know. I just don’t get it, the story wouldn= make sense how they wanted it, plus they all want everything tied up in a little bow with all plots closed it every book. Sorry why would you write a series that way.

I guess I’m different I like all the twist, and turns, its how I write or at least I think I do. 😉 So maybe I’m the odd man out, I have to be, but its not like writing like this is new many authors have done it. Robert Jordan is famous for leaving you guessing at the end of his Wheel of Time series.

Tomorrow as long as I don’t have a headache be on the look out for my The Help review and my review of Drink Deep.