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Cover of "Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morg...

Cover of Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan 1)

Blood Work by Kim Harrison

Blood Work is Kim Harrison’s journey into graphic novels, and I’ll be honest I’ve never been one for the normal graphic novels. I have an uncle that introduced me to the dark graphic novels but I only read a few of his when I visited him and my aunt. It’s no wonder that I got into the darker graphics look at how I write, ;). Kim’s venture into graphic novels was right up my alley. It was dark just the way I like it, granted it is a prequel to Dead Witch Walking the first book in the Hollows Series. However, Kim changes things up a bit in Blood Work with a POV change from Rachel’s, in the main Hollows Series to Ivy’s. Now we really get to see the change Rachel has made in her over the years as her character has grown.

In Blood Work, she truly was a hard as nails bitch attitude always following the rules the vamps set for her, especially Piscary. There’s a lot of history within the 166 pages, Ivy’s history. Kim wrote a six chapter graphic novel and it’s full of rich back story we’ve been dying to know and you don’t want to miss it. You’ll learn about Ivy and Rachel’s first run. How they bumped heads from the get go. Denton’s issues also there from the beginning. You’ll see Kisten in color, though in my head he was cuter. Watch Rachel work her magic and you even get a look at Trent though you don’t know its Trent officially. But who else is called “Sa’Han.” Sorry no Jinx maybe in the next one.

There’s also really cool information from pages 151 – 161 about how the graphic novel was created, the creators, sketches and much more. Kim chose the right artist to work with when she took on this project and with those artists they made a wonderful graphic novel. So make sure you check out this addition to the Hollow Series and add it to your collection.

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