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Monday while heading home from CA, I finished my review of Kitty’s Greatest Hit’s by Carrie Vaughn I just have to type it up and send it off to PBD. I also started and am almost finished with my review of Drink Deep I just need to add some finishing touches. Today over at PBD my review of Blood Work by Kim Harrison is posted. On Friday my review of The Help, will be posted and on Sunday the Dolls will be catching up with me. So check out the latest article. I’m not sure which one will be posted I turned in three. 😉 November with the Dolls is going to be stalked full of fun books and authors so be on the lookout.

Also stay tuned for more info on Team Makenzie, while we’re at the JDRF they were doing a documentary and Mak got put in it. When I get more details I’ll let you know, Flyboy may even give the news tidbits about our niece if they call. I did go back and add the link to Post: Team Makenzie part 2 if you want to read the news article the did on Makenzie.

I’ll try to have the reviews up for Blood Work this week now that the Dolls have posted it. My review for The Help will be up after Friday and as soon as I have finished with the little touches I want to add to Drink Deep I’ll post it. But all sure be up before Sunday.