I’ve been trying to blog this for days!!!

Kim Harrison

I finally got my rewrite of book 11 done on Tuesday, and it’s ready for my editor.  That freed me up tremendously, and with nothing huge scheduled to land on my desk for a while, I can NaNoWriMo!  I’ve often played along, but never officially participated.  This year, I signed up, so if you want to be my writing buddy, I’m there under Kim Harrison with the burning bunny avatar.  I’ve got two buddies the last time I looked, and both of them are leaving me in the dust as far as word count.  I can really see how this can keep you motivated.  I’ve got to get some words down.  Someone help me here . . . do I have to search my current writing buddies out and “buddy” them as well, or is it automatic?

So if  you’ve been to NaNo and seen me there with my paltry…

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