I’m digging both shows myself

Filling the Well

I’ve now seen the first two episodes of both Once Upon a Time and Grimm.  What struck me most about both of them is how solidly within the current mode of written urban fantasy they are.  The protagonist of Once is a bounty hunter (and we meet her during a very satisfying takedown of an embezzler), the protag of Grimm is a homicide detective.  Both of them are introduced to the supernatural by discovering they’re some kind of “chosen one” within that world, with a magical heritage they never knew.  And so on and so forth.  You know these characters.  There’s a million books out featuring characters just like them.  It make me wonder how much reading the shows’ writers have done, or if the formula is just so pervasive now it’s in the air.

I have some problems with Once Upon a Time that I’m actually feeling kind…

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