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Today I finished typing up my review of The Help and I’ve sent it off to PBD, so be on the look out for it this month over there. I can’t remember which day it’s actually going to post but it will be before the end of the month. I’ll start on my next review for the dolls this weekend when I get a chance, it’s going to be on Carrie Vaughn‘s short stories over the Kitty series. It won’t be a very long review since it’s over short stories and I’m not reviewing each story just the book. After that I’ll write up my review on Chloe Neill’s Drink Deep, once that review is complete there won’t be another one until December, but you’ll have some articles coming.

We have one more day until our JDRF walk on Sunday, and Flyboy and I are having so much fun with the nieces out here this weekend. Makenzie is so awesome with all the things she has to deal with as a little girl it’s amazing. Today she was even in the newspaper, which I’ll add the link later when I’m at my computer and not on my iPad, so her story could be told for the JDRF this weekend. Mak is even getting support from one of the local companies Classified Cosmetic, you can find them on Facebook and on twitter @ClassCosmtc. I think it’s wickedly awesome that they are supporting Mak, for her walk on Sunday.

Alright guys that’s it for tonight from the west coast, you won’t see anything tomorrow but I will post from the JDRF. So be on the look out Sunday, they’re may be two post one when we get to the walk and one when the walk is over. Monday Flyboy and I will be flying home so I won’t be posting until Tuesday, hopefully I’ll have the other reviews either complete or almost completed. So until Sunday have a great weekend.