I finally finished the office computer today. It has all my favorite sites loaded, and everything is ready to go. now I just have to do the same for my writing tablet and I can get read of my “pink” laptop. Things are finally coming together. I would have had this done yesterday but Sonic just didn’t agree with me. Don’t you hate when you can have one of your favorite places to eat and then it sucks and makes you sick. Flyboy and I haven’t been able to have Sonic for five years actually if you want to count CA seven, since there was only on there and it was a drive and not a drive that we wanted to make often. so for seven years the only time we got Sonic was when we went home to TX. So yesterday for lunch Flyboy brought some home for lunch and about 4:30 I was sick. I didn’t eat anything else after that so it was the Sonic and that just suck. I can’t eat Taco Hell (Bell) any more and now Sonic. It’s not like I eat that much fast food to begin with so when places I like get taken off the menu it stinks. Moving past my issue with food. I promise, still having headaches so the writing has slowed down which is driving me crazy. I have many thoughts going through my head but this the headaches I really don’t want to look at paper of the screen for too long, at least not to think about what I need to add to my writing.

But the thoughts have been more on edits for Legacy thanks to the workshops I’m in over at SavvyAuthors.com. As I said yesterday I’m taking two and they are making me thing about things I make want to change in the book. Not big things but things that may make it flow a little better. Also one of the things that I’ve been thinking about came to be while I’ve been working on my review of The Help. All of these improvements I think are going to make the book a better read for my audience.

Be on the look out for a few reblogs today, I saw a few post that looked really good that I’m going to post. Okay that’s it for my poor head, I need more meds and maybe I’ll be able to get a little work done later.