Kim Harrison

Update:  More on this at a newer post

If you’re on my FaceBook, you probably heard the news yesterday that there is a chance that the Hollows will be translated to the small screen.  i.e., a TV series.  (insert wild happy dance here)

I’ve been sitting on this news since last February, and now that the news has broken, I can talk about it!  (insert second wild happy dance)  I’m going to send you right to the site that explains who is chaperoning this opportunity and writing the pilot, (insert third wild happy dance) but much like the military, it is very much hurry up and wait at this point for me while things are still being settled.

It feels very fragile, much like Trent’s 20-5-1 screen saver and the words I live by, but on the other hand, this is a very real opportunity, and I am…

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