Carrie’s view on the new Shakespeare movie, I must say I’m with her but I’ll check out the movie most likely, even if I’m not happy that they are being asses.

Filling the Well

I understand there’s a movie coming out about “who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays.”  I’m deeply torn, because on the one hand I can go see it for all the yummy handsome men in full Elizabethan clothing in renaissance London — so many of my favorite things in one package!  On the other hand, the “who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays” question makes me furious.  You want to know who I think wrote Shakespeare’s plays?  A middle-class dude from Stratford-upon-Avon named William Shakespeare.  There’s no actual, concrete evidence to suggest otherwise.  Nobody from Shakespeare’s own time questioned the authorship of his plays.  Other famous playwrights, like Ben Johnson, commented on Shakespeare’s writing without ever suggesting the plays and poems were written by someone else.

The “questions” of the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays didn’t begin until a couple of hundred years after his death, and they didn’t begin with any hard evidence.  They…

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