Yesterday I had a headache and didn’t get to reblog this but it really touched me.

Evoking the Deep

Listen to my song tonight
as we are together finally
I promised I would write
for the woman of my dreams

There was a time I almost drowned
revived as our lips touched
You reached in and pulled me out
now I’m needing you so much

I would do anything for you
my soul is standing there to sing
Atop a mountain made of blue
you are my everything

Soft caresses show my desire
the candles burn so I can see
You’re on top to quench my fire
as you’re putting it on me

They say beauty is only skin deep
but I’m loving your sweet sound
Your honey hips with each retreat
because we’re so much deeper now

Tremors of your body and lips can’t stop
accepting that your heart let me in
Your hair covers my face as you drop
your finger nails gently pierce my skin


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