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Filling the Well

Whew, what a weekend. The convention went well — the usual convention whirlwind.  A highlight for me was when Connie Willis discussed romantic comedies and mentioned Something Borrowed as the worst one of the year, agreeing with my own assessment.  She says she’s writing a book on how to write romantic comedies.  This is a sorely-needed resource for all writers everywhere.  I can’t wait.

I announced that I’m probably going to take a break from the live The Midnight Hour show next year.  A break, not quitting, as some people thought.  This year’s show was recorded and is supposed to be going up online as a podcast.  I’ll share the link when I have it.

The She-Wolf blog is running a poll on favorite women werewolves.  And yes, our Kitty is nominated.  It’s a great list, I think (and not just because Kitty is on it).

Weather gurus…

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