Things are coming together, I’m getting my office put set up. Today the electrician had to come over to fix the electrical outlets so I could have power. The office wasn’t getting any once you plugged in the surge protector and started plugging in the computer and monitors, I have two. We got nothing and had plug an extension cord in to the bathroom outlet. Needless to say I wasn’t using my office. Now I get too.

I’m trying to decide which internet browser to use, firefox 7 or safari, suggestions? I was testing them out earlier.

Tonight however I started on my non-fiction. I was at the bowling alley with Flyboy and I actually got the intro started and maybe complete. I haven’t decided yet. Then I started working on my review of The Help as the team got close to finishing the games. I’ll work on the non-fiction again tomorrow and my office and hopefully I’ll have more to talk about then.