Kim is back to work.

Kim Harrison

This morning I’m very excited to get to my desk.  Yesterday I finally finished the latest run through of the Hollows book after A PERFECT BLOOD, and today I will write the new last chapter.  I’m thinking I can use the original last chapter in a dream at some point.  I don’t use lost chapters very often, and I don’t do dream sequences but rarely, but in this case, I think it will work perfectly in the last book.  The original ending was so very happy, and though I have a happy new ending in mind that a lot of people are going to enjoy, (la, la la-a-a, la, la-a-a-a, la.) it doesn’t have the idyllic feel that the first did.  It was almost a dream to begin with.

This new last chapter has been on my thoughts for at least three weeks, and I’ve gone through three incarnations of…

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