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My awesome news is that my cousin got is license. Some of you may wander why would this be a big deal. My cousin hasn’t been able to drive in years, he had an accident one July 4th when he jumped in to a pond head first, and he’s now paralyzed from his chest down. So the fact that he got his drivers licenses and will be getting one of those cool cars/vans to drive is awesome. I’m so proud of him, he and I grew up together in a sense. We would hang out together at grandma and grandpa’s when I’d go visit my Daddy. We’re only three years apart so we’d play He-Man and She-Ra together yeah we grew up in the 80’s.

So getting his license is better than me getting a book deal. But getting a book deal is a close second. 😉

Cooking –   I baked this weekend.


I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They’re moist and chocolaty, I love them. I just can’t eat to many. Along with the cookies I made my Witches Brew, and its as good as I remember it. However before I could start cooking Flyboy and I had to go downtown to one of my favorite shops, the Spice & Tea Exchange.


We didn’t buy all the spices that are in the picture but we did buy most of them, there’s only about three spices that we didn’t buy this weekend.

I hope you guys had a lovely weekend too.