You may ask why, and I’ll tell you. All my plans got shot down thanks to the headache/migraine I woke up with. So all I did today was take my meds and watch TV. Thankfully that didn’t hurt my head but I didn’t work on any that I wanted too. I was able to make mash potatoes but those are my comfort food and put dinner together which went into the crockpot. So I really didn’t cook dinner.

I saw a lot of action and romantic comedies today while laying on the couch. That sounds so bad but when your head is pounding what can you do. At least I didn’t have to give myself a shot today or only lay in a dark room those days are the worst. The coke and meds helped now I just have to let the “hang over” headache go away and hope that I don’t get another one tomorrow.

Last night though I typed up a handful of poems, so at least I did get some work don’t just not as much as I wanted too. The really bad thing about typing in my poems last I get to see how much work I need to do on them. Some of them really need work, now I have to say I wrote these poems between 1995 – 2000 and you would its the 1995 ones that need all the work but some of the 2000 ones are pretty bad. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote them, but they well be getting a rewrite or disregarded all together if need be.  Yeah some are really that bad, I probably shouldn’t say that but I want to be honest and frankly why not tell you the truth. If they aren’t good they aren’t good. I know it. It’s not like I want to show any of you the crap I was typing up last night before I fix it. Poetry was never my strong suit, I can write it but it’s not easy. Poets have my respect, creating a story the way they do.

In my MFA poetry class everyone wanted me to add  more to my poetry. When I write poetry it emotional but not every colorful. The poetry that I wrote about love is crappy my dark stuff is normally to the point. But all my poetry is personal which makes it hard for others to feel like they are apart of it, at least that’s what classmates said. Like I said I’m not a poet I’m a writer and there is a difference, I create better stories than I do poems but not all of my poems are worthless I have a cool ones up my sleeves and when I have even thing typed up I’ll put a few back in the poetry section. I just want to see which ones to send out first. 😉