This past weekend I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to for two days I have a migraine but Flyboy did get me to do a little work around the house. Saturday we went out to a nursery to find some plants for the back yard. Flyboy and I found so many different plants that we liked that picking the right ones was difficult but we finally picked the plants for around our screened in porch and a Princess Holly to go in front of our satellite. The one downside to being at the nursery was that it didn’t help the  migraine that had started while on the way. Smells are one of my triggers, not that all smells trigger migraines for me just some, and I never know which smells will make my head pound even more.  Granted spending about an hour at the nursery probably didn’t help.

We did make it home to see the UT vs OU game, though we had to fast forward through the commercials. Yeah I know the game sucked for us Texas fans so as you can imagine Flyboy and I worked on the house a little. Though he did have me take medicine so I would sleep. Then Flyboy planted our Holly bush and we started unpacking some boxes and put up the paintings. How the house doesn’t echo as much. Thankfully. Sunday was much of the same unpacking, and of course the Cinny game, and we own. And again I had a migraine, gotta love them… not. Monday Flyboy had off since it’s a federal holiday and I didn’t have a migraine (Yea!!!) We did more to put the house together, our closet is put together finally, he made me unpack my bags now I can find most of my clothes, the ones that aren’t in boxes out in the garage. lol Okay moving on from the boring part of the weekend and on to what will be happening today and this week hopefully fingers crossed.

So the plan for this week since I found the box with my office books is to type up all of my poems so they are finally in the computer. This way I can start sending them off to contest, and maybe get my work out there through them. I’ll be starting on that tonight. My next project is to work on my review of The Help and hopefully finish it. Because its such a unique book I’m having a hard time finishing my review.

Next on my list of things to do this week is cooking… as some of you know October and Halloween are my favorite time of year and Flyboy asked me to make some homemade apple cider. So I’ve been looking for a recipe, making it this week. I’ll also be making my Witches Brew and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. Yes, I found my cookbooks and I can’t wait to use them in my new kitchen. Okay so I’m off to work on my poetry now, I’ll see you soon.