I wrote this months articles for the Paperback Dolls, there’s two of them. There not every long but I think you’re going to enjoy them. I sent them in tonight. I also sent in my review for Blood Work, Kim Harrison’s graphic novel. So be on the look out for those over at Paperback Dolls. Tomorrow the Doll have Ghost Story posted so stop by and check out my review and see what else the doll have going on.

This weekend I’ll be working on my review of The Help and hopefully I’ll be able to read a few more stories that I’ve been trying to read. The new Castle novel just came out and I still need to finish book two. I’ve been reading Carrie Vaughn’s short stories and I’ll be writing a review about the book as a whole. So far the book is pretty good. Plus we have so many new books coming out I can’t wait. 😉

Now why I said articles, reviews & a bath well as you know Flyboy and I have Jax, our puppy we adopted after Artemis passed away, well today he decided to jump into the pond behind our house. There were geese in the pond and he wanted to chase them, so he jumped in, got all wet and stinky and now needs a bath. Holly thankfully didn’t jump in but she did scare the geese away. Pups what to do with them. So needless to say Jax hasn’t been allowed to do much today since he’s dirty. I swear I have a two year old.