If you’re in NYC go see Kim Harrison.

Kim Harrison

I’ll be singing this under my breath next Thursday, believe you me, when I sign for the first time in New York outside of a conference event.  Yikes!  It was very much a spur of the moment thing, and I don’t know how my PR person managed it, but I will be at the NYU bookstore on 726 Broadway (at Astor Place) a week from today at 6:30 pm for Q&A and a signing.  This is not associated with comic con, so you don’t need a ticket to join in.

Unfortunately we were not able to swing an early release of the HOLLOWS INSIDER here, but they will be taking count of who promises to come back and get it when it is released, and I will sign stock before I leave on Sunday so you can get one with my signature on it when the time comes.  I have a…

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