I’ve updated two pages today – Book reviews and Paperback Dolls. You’ll find all the reviews I’ve posted here and for Paperback Dolls on one page now. I also have links to the authors pages referencing the books. I hope the link is helpful. I know some of the reviews aren’t very long but when I first started reviewing books on the blog only I didn’t really review the books I just told my readers if I liked the book or not. So there’s not too much detail in the first three reviews. I’ll be doing more reviews so keep looking checking in both here and at Paperback Dolls to find the lasted one.

As for the articles I’ll be turning in two this month and I think one got missed in August but everything I’ve written for the Dolls is post on the page titled Paperback Dolls. Every gut wrenching article that has been my journey into publishing is there. But please stop by Paperback Dolls to see the next installments, the Dolls will post them first before you’ll see them here.

I didn’t get any writing done today but working on the blog was important too and I needed to get the pages finished. Now I need to edit some work on Savvy Author and turn in a review to Paperback Dolls so you can have a new review soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to write my articles and maybe start on my review of The Help, maybe. If things go right.