Yes, it has been a world of craziness around here lately and I’m sorry I haven’t posted since the 3rd of September that is just not cool. Flyboy and I check out a really cool restaurant downtown called Hominy (Yes, I’m going to write up a food review for it) it has wicked awesome food. Great start for the reviews for the screen play/Calla’s Kitchen area. I also have some other food reviews to write up one not so good and another good one.  All of these places are going to be here in Charleston. I will add reviews of places we really liked in Hawaii, and California so you can check them out if you stop by. When I actually have a working kitchen (haha, move into my house) I’ll start working on recipes that I make myself, and that you can try at home, I’ll tell you good ones and the bad ones that Calla would use in her kitchen. 😉

I will be working on three book reviews “hopefully” today as long as the monsters don’t interrupt me. They’ve been needy since Flyboy had to leave. I swear I have little kids even though they are dogs and not even 2 yet. Holly has decided to take over the back of my chair so I only get half of it, good thing she’s a small terrier. Still those paws of her’s like to push mom out of the way all the time and when I complain I get a dirty look. I know she’s  a dog, but they can still give you dirty looks when they feel like it, just like a cat can.

And now I come to the reason to why I’ve been slacking, it’s not because I’ve wanted to slack off. I haven’t. I’ve actually wanted to write, edit, etc. I’ve been editing for but that hasn’t made me slack off. Even the migraines I’ve had lately haven’t been the cause though they’ve contributed, no what has been keeping my interest lately is a show that Flyboy decided to get me hooked on. Flyboy introduced to the reruns of Californiacation and I got sucked in. I couldn’t stop watching, it’s not my normal type of show by any stretch but it was different and was a lesson in what not to do as a writer and a person.  It truly got into write about what you know and that’s what writers do a lot of times. We take something that we know about and spin it. (Oh and now I know what I want to write about for my next article for Paperback Dolls) Sometimes you just never know what you might come up with. So now you know why I was slacking it was a TV show no excuse really, I did finish the show all four seasons thankfully, it was as bad as listening to an audiobook, I just couldn’t do anything else while it was on. It sucked. Granted my brain did reboot because of it which is probably a good thing, but not something I want to try again soon.