I’ve had a few rejections come in lately but my spirits aren’t down. It just making me see that Legacy may need a little more work and so may my synopsis. 😉 But while I’m cleaning up Legacy I want to keep my name out there so I’m going to start submitting my poems to contest/ magazines in hopes that some form of my writing gets published and I might get seen. I need to clean up a few pieces that I have on hand, and I don’t have all of it. most of my poetry is boxed in storage from the move. I never really thought this would be something I’d be doing so I didn’t think about keeping it with be as Flyboy and I traveled across country. Now I see I’ll have to type everything into the computer once we are settled in so this doesn’t happen. That is the one bad thing about being of the old thought, and writing everything down on paper before you type in, you don’t always have it when you need it. So think about that if you’re like me it can come back and bite you in the ass at a later date. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow I’ll have the first of my reviews up.