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Saturday I was able to jot down a few notes on two stories I want too write about the villains in Legacy. In these stories you’ll learn more of their history and what drove them to become the villains they are in the novel, or are they. So the two villains I’m writing about are Tristian and Brenton. You’ll see how Tristian became a demon and what led up to Brenton working with him. Since Colin is Brenton’s friend and partner his story is told within the pages of Brenton’s. Besides Brenton did get him into the mess he is in. I’ll keep you posted as I work them out, last night I did start on Brenton’s story his past is a little clearer and cleaner to wrap my head around. Tristian’s is more of a horror show so it may take me a little time to truly get into his head. I may have to watch some Dexter to do it or maybe read Stephen King. 😉