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Well I missed Wicked Cool Flight’s anniversary, I think you guy can understand why I missed it. WCF is important to me don’t get me wrong and it sucks that I missed it. However I was not in a state of mind to think of anything other than making sure we had everything for my father taken care of, and making sure my step-mother was as okay as she could be. My thoughts weren’t on me or my writing, it was on everyone else in my family. I still haven’t really mourned my father’s passing and I really need.

I do want to write a non-fiction about both my father and grandfather, both of whom died of cancer at somewhat young ages. Both were men who always tried to help others, and I think this would be something they would feel would help others in their grieving process and to hopefully understand that good men get taken as well. It also may help me in my process.

As for writing I’m working on my June article for PBD, it will be a little sad this month as I’m a little blue. I’m having a hard time writing it but I know where I want to take it so the Dolls will have it before the end of the month. They have had some great reviews up this week during their Bad Ass Week, so make sure you check out what they had to say. You may find a really wicked book from their reviews, I know I have. 😉

I’ll see you soon, have a Wicked Good Night. Happy Father’s Day.