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I’m sure some of you know this feeling… siblings really suck at times. Why is it that when you’re dealing with a family members life coming to an end some people have to become self absorbed. As a writer I get absorbed in a lot of things don’t get me wrong, but this week I have come to realize that two of my siblings are very self absorbed. My father as you know is sick and won’t make it through the year, possibly not the month but I am hopeful and thankful for everyday I have with him. Two of my siblings have just been driving me nuts and as I’ve been trying to write the non-fiction piece Flyboy suggested I write they have been making it very difficult. Why you may ask because I’m trying to write down the stories that make my Dad smile and those two are in them and yet when they are doing stupid stuff or saying stupid stuff it makes it very difficult to write positive things about them. More times than not the more violent side of me wants to come out and write a killing scene on the paper, good thing writers can get away with writing those kinds of scenes, seriously being the baby of this side of the family I’d love to be the self absorbed one and acted the way my older siblings are acting but Flyboy, my stepmom, & stepbrother are all telling me to be a grown up, really I hate being a grown up. Maybe a killing scene would be a good thing. 😉 What do you guys think? Then I might be able to get back to work on critiquing like I need too and the non fiction.

I’m also in a workshop again this one’s on witchcraft in paranormal fiction, I think that’s what its call, anyway I’m liking it. I did get a new rejection this week so I’ll send out some more query letters. Maybe someone will bite before my Daddy passes. That would be an awesome send off for him. Cross you’re fingers.