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Okay today we have a lot going on…

First thing family –  Commissioning and Graduation are over. My baby brother has completed college and in October he will be making his way to his first base. I’m so proud of him. Like I said yesterday he was so cutie in his dress whites.  So that’s the good family news. On the flip side my daddy was sounding better yesterday but its still not looking good. My flyboy is on his way home to fly up to see him with me and make sure I’m in place for when/if something happens. Cross those fingers please that all goes well.

Next on the list… I did get a rejection Thursday as we were headed down for graduation, it was a form letter that Legacy was not what the agent was going for. No biggie I just have to keep looking. I still have two other queries out and I’m working on my Author Bio to send out for another query that I want to send. So all is good. I’m positive I’ll have a bit sooner or later and with everything else going on I need all the positive energy going into the queries I can give them. So I’m thinking good thoughts and being the glass have full girl. 😉

Last but not least its time for me to finally give you the review I’ve been telling I would give you for two weeks now. That’s right a its time for Chloe Neill’s Hard Bitten review. I know everyone has been hard on Chloe for her ending, honestly I liked it. I would have written it the same way. So I guess people aren’t going to like how I write. lol

Hard Bitten is the four installment in the Chicagoland Vampire Series, we take a slight turn in this book from the first three. I say this because in the first three Merit is learning to become a vamp. In book one she fights the fact that she’s a vamp and fights Ethan. In book two she’s coming to terms with the fact that she’s a vamp but she still doesn’t like it all that much. In book three she’s excepting the fact she’s a vamp and she’s learning all that she can as she has now fully become a vamp. She’s also excepting her role as Sentinel. However in all three books the storyline is mostly how Ethan and Merit work together to solve the issues at hand. Yes they have the help other other secondary characters that we love but it’s mostly Ethan and Merit.

This is where Hard Bitten is different Merit has to step into her role as Sentinel, and leave Ethan at home. We see more of the secondary character which I think makes this novel a little more true to what life would be like for Merit. We get to the heart of what Merit has to do. So far she has played guard, this time she had to put the house above everything else and protect what she told by Ethan to protect The House. She has to go against orders to do so even. Now I can’t get into detail and I’m not going to give spoilers because I never do on here so if you want to know more about that you have to read the book, but I really did enjoy it.

I will worn you the ending is sad, and it did make me cry and miss my Flyboy. So make sure you have a box of Kleenex with you when you read it. There are some other things that happen at the end that make you wonder what’s going to happen next and I have my ideas, from tidbits from other books, but they are my thoughts and you guys know how my wicked mind works. I mean I have haunted houses in my stores. 😉 So give it a read I think you’ll like it but don’t go in excepting it to be some grand book its a good read, it made me cry but it is different from the first three. So if you want what we had be for yes you won’t be happy things are changing they have too. Merit is showing herself when she’s stressed and how she acts when she’s with her friends not when she’s with Ethan. People are different with different people, some readers don’t like that so be prepared. I never go in excepting to have an awesome book anymore with any author that way I’m pretty much always happy unless its really bad.

Okay have a great weekend. Enjoy reading.