Stupid drivers, I found one today, Lucas would call her a stupid female driver but men can be stupid drivers too. So this chick decides to be in the wrong line today but it’s my fault when she hit my car because I won’t let her over. She then decides to call me a redneck fat bitch. Best part and this is no joke before she “hits”, it was a tap her side mirror got moved no damage to the pathfinder, my car she’s able to flip me off so she knows she not getting over so who’s fault is this accident. And after she blames me for hitting her she keep calling me mama and bitch. She also tells me she’s getting my licenses info because I hit her.Hello I’m in the left line that doesn’t end the right line must merge and I can’t see you’re blinker I have the right away. I hope this somehow gets back to the stupid driver she really needs know what an idiot she was.