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Big news. So Wednesday night in the middle of yoga I got an email from an agent requesting my proposal yes I did stop everything. So I really had to make sure Chapters 1 – 3 were in great shape and redo the synopsis. I turned everything in Friday morning when I was sure I had it as close to perfect as I could get it.

Thursday I did receive a rejection letter from the other agency that I’d sent my query into but considering one agency wanted the proposal I’m not in a bad place about it. So I’m like it they just don’t do my type of genre, no biggie.

Today because of all the stress trying to get the proposal done I got the hated migraine and it sucked so I was in pain and added to the I had my “IC” cramps. It was bound to happen but I didn’t like it. Thankfully after a lot (a shot and then a pill) of headache medication my migraine did go away but I wasn’t able to take pain meds for the cramps since I had the migraine. No mixing medication, at least I listen to the doctors. I hope you guys are having a better weekend that I am and I promise I won’t pass the pain around. I know migraines like to move from friend to friend and I’m not letting it. So have a good pain free weekend.