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Yep that’s right, Friday and I owe you guys two reviews and to tell you what’s been going on since Monday that seems like so far away but I have been working on Legacy so I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to the blog. You guys are important its just been crazy busy. So first let me get what I’ve been doing so you know that and what’s going on today. As you know I figured out my hook for Legacy last week finally since I’ve been thinking it was one thing and it’s really been something different, go figure. 😉 so I went back to chapter one and re-thought how it started making it a little more jump up and grab you. I’m trying to get the first 50 or so pages ready for submission when I send in the query letters. I also need to redo my synopsis since I’ve redone the first chapter. Like I said so much to do. But its all worth it.  Since Monday I’ve been working on Chapter one some days I’ve gotten more work done than others but I think its coming along. It has to be prefect so I’m taking my time.

Along with working on edits today and writing on the blog I need to try and write my next article for the dolls. I’d like to have it to them this weekend so they have it. I still don’t know what I’m going to write about but I think I’m narrowing it down to workshops and how they help writers at every stage of the game. So we will see. I’ll keep you posted.

I did work on the website some this week as well I only have one last touch to figure out and that’s how I’m going to link the blog to it and what name I’m linking the blog too. Right now I have the website as WickedCoolFlight.com instead of TeresaCrumpton.com so that could get confusing since the blog is wickedcoolflight if I change it to teresacrumpton.com but either way they will be linked together I just have to figure out what will make since for you guys. Any thoughts?

Okay so on to the books…

HexboundHexbound is the second book in Chloe Neill’s Dark Elite series. The first book was Firespell. In Hexbound we meet up with Lily and the Adept’s as the face another dangerous plot that the Dark Elite have planned. This time however she gets some unlikely help from one of her enemies as Sebastian tries to teacher a little about the firespell that he has brought out in her from the first book.

As we learned in the first book Lily is worried and curious about what her parent have to do with the Adept’s and the Dark Elite and some of those questions get answered but we also alone with Lily are left with more questions.

This second book in the Dark Elite is more of a Lily learning about her new paranormal power of firespell and how to control it, its also her learning how she fits into the world of Adepts as it is and her roll in the group. This time they have new leadership as the old couldn’t do what needed to be done to protect their people. Only the next book will tell if the new leadership can keep the Adepts safe, and if they can help Lily grow in her power and control it. Or if Sebastian is still needed.

Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I really enjoyed the book, but I must warn you it is long. Granted I couldn’t put it down and it took me three or four days of doing nothing but reading. It has something like 47 Chapters and they are long chapters. But that’s not why I liked the book I liked Discovery of Witches because it has a different take on the whole witches, vampires, and demons. What I mean by that is that it takes a look at the different species like Darwin would have. Its more scientific, than most and historical going into different scientific times when humans looked at the world differently and vampires, witches and demons weren’t feared as they are now. We also learn a lot or little or Matthew the leading male life and the different times and people he knew, some of them were great minds of the time. Diana is the female lead and she is a witch trying to hide who and what she is from herself and everyone one else and has been since she was seven.

Diana had a great loss then when her parents were murdered because of magic and she learns why during the book that their deaths where now by whom she though and for the reasons she though which turns her life upside down. Now only does this information have an effect on her but she learns other information that has her questioning her once simple life. As the book goes along there are choices both she and Matthew must make and they aren’t simple ones they will change the course history for all creatures and there are some creature that will do everything they can to stop them. Discovery of Witches is only book one it is a trilogy in a long bumpy ride for Diana and Matthew. But its a trilogy that should be one hell of a good ride, so if you like evolution, history, science, a good book, witches, vampires, demons and humans with some war thrown in you’ll love this.

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