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A house’s thirst for blood, along with the secret of murders that a demon doctor performed, will expose a family secret when a young empathic law student inherits her family’s long forgotten haunted house. Things get interesting when deceased relatives arrive to help her learn about her Legacy.

After attending her Great Uncle’s funeral, Alexandria Galinari, learns that the family mansion she’s inherited is on the outskirts of Boston. On her first official week in the house she learns that the house is haunted and that she is being watched by a man named Brenton who is an ex-special ops Captain recently escaped from Leavenworth. Brenton made a pack with the demonic evil doctor who wants to come back from the dead and take over the house but needs Alexis to do it. The same doctor who performed murders in the house decades before. To settle the house’s full time guest Alexis must learn about its history, her family and what it all means for her while trying to help the FBI and her boss catch Brenton.

I finished reading Hexbound by Chloe Neill and this week I’ll but my thoughts up on that. Last week was crazy between doctor appointments and my workshop but I did get the hook figured out so I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. I’m going to try and work on the website I haven’t had a chance to do that lately but yesterday I did meet with an illustrator who’s going to work up some sketches for Legacy, Blood, Little Boy Blue and Wicked Cool Flight. I can’t what to see what Mary comes up with.