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So yesterday I was hoping to get some writing done but it seem that my writing schedule has changed I use to be able to write in the afternoons now I can’t get in the mood and I read than so I’m not sure what’s going on, I’ll blame it on the time changes. 😉 I have been reading Hexbound by Chloe Neill and it’s been really good it’s the second in her YA series Dark Elite.

I’m still working on the website and trying to decide what I want to call it. Go figure. In a lot of ways I want to stay with Wicked Cool Flight but I do understand that people don’t understand how I came up with that, Flyboy told me to tell the story and I have but I may have to have a special page for it. Not a bad thing. He also told me to come up with a cool story for it. haha I told him. So there’s a lot going on for the website, and I’ll try and get it completed before the end of March but it maybe April.

I’m thinking of pitching Legacy today but I’m not sure the workshops I do at Savvy Author have a pitch session today but they want romance and Legacy really isn’t romance it has some flirting but that’s about it. So I’m debating with myself on what to do. You guys have any thoughts. Will I’ll tell you what I decide but hopefully you guys give some input.