Below are the pictures of all the chocolate samples we got at the ChocolateFest. We have fun and it was a great day. The weather was warm so we got to be outside for a while and look at the artist and stroll down Main Street after our time slot. We stopped and had lunch at a little cafe then started the samples. No we didn’t finish all of them just sampled about four. The only bad thing they didn’t have a menu to tell you what you were sampling so I can’t remember what everything is to tell you now and it was to crowded I could barely here what they were saying to begin with. So I’m sorry I can’t give you all the details I was hoping for and you probably were too. The things I did try that I liked I really like and the things I didn’t I really didn’t and considering I’m a chocoholic the fact that I didn’t like something is not saying anything I just didn’t like the combination. After we try everything I’ll put up the list of everyone that was there and tell you who I liked and I’ll tell you who my parents liked. They are the people in the picture, I got to drag them with me, they’re not as into chocolate as me but they had fun and it was something different.