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Okay yes the title doesn’t really go but I wanted to let you guys I know that I am working on the website so there will be one it’s teresacrumpton.com and Wicked Cool Flight will be there if I can figure out how to link them lol figures crossed. I do own the domain for wickedcoolflight.com as well so no one can take it thankfully.  My brainchild is all mine. 😉 so I’ll keep you posted on when everything is up and running. If you see changes on the blog please thank Kitt, like I said before she does an wickedly awesome job for PBD and I know she’s going to help me do the same, here.

As for Chocolate today is the Chocolate Fest in Grapevine, TX that I’m attending. I plan on making notes and if I can taking pictures of all the chocolate. I’m also going to be checking out some art at this event so if I pick up any or take any pictures I’ll put those up as well. I guess Flyboy being gone had one perk I get to attend these even if he was home I’d still be in Charleston and wouldn’t know about it. 😉 Have a great Saturday and I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow with all the goodies from today.