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I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes that are still going on and they will be for a few more day. And as you may have noticed I now have a contributor that wasn’t there before… I don’t know if Kitt knew blogger was going to change on its own but it did and put her on the main page. Kitt from PBD is going to be helping me out with some of the changes because lets face it I’m a writer see I can see websites that are pleasing but putting it together and making sure you guys the readers are going to enjoy it and that it makes sense to you I may need a little help with. Heck how many times have I changed the blog this month. I graciously asked Kitt for help and she said yes. I hope you guys like what she comes up with I’m sure you will she does wickedly cool things with PBD, I can’t go wrong.

Besides working on the blog, I’ve had some writing workshops over and Savvy Author my “classes” have me thinking about PR, finding editors and agents, maybe creating a website (which is a scary thing) and I’ve been working on Legacy cleaning it up some more. I know you guys want to know when its going to be finished. I want to know that too. I’m really trying I promise.