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I got pampered today. Yes I know my birthday is over but I didn’t get to do my outing with my Mom and we are doing the pampering thing nails, toes, massage. Today we did nails and toes and it was great to spend the day with Mom getting pampered. I don’t get to do it often so when I can I enjoy it. I suggest everyone do it once in awhile.

As for writing I am working on Legacy, rewrite/edits and hopefully this will be the last one. Fingers crossed that editors/agents will like this one and it will be on the road to publication or whatever the next step is.

I do still have some books to read and I want to finish actually reading Pale Demon but I want to write too so I think I’ll be able to work both in now.

Okay pups need some training time so I need to go work with them, I’ll talk with you soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.