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I’m cleaning up the blog still I’m trying to make it look nice and pretty for you guys and you I’m such a tomboy most of the time that pretty isn’t my thing. But I think this is working nicely. It’s in the middle and the birds seem to fit the flight part of the theme even though I was meaning more of an airplane, but my bio picture does have me in feathers so birds work. And yes one of the art pieces I’d like to get done is like the one on the twitter where you can see the wings so it looks like I am taking flight. Ha ha I know what a play on words right instead of it being a journey it’s me taking flight. Hey then I’d be flying with my Flyboy. Anyway enough babbling I cleaned up the blog a little I even changed the background color on twitter to match the blog. I hope the new things I added help not that I added a lot but I can only hope. I did add some blogs to check out these are places I stop by and I think you should check them out too. Also you can check them out on twitter as well. The ladies and gents are wicked cool/awesome.

I’m in my Savvy Author’s classes once again trying to get Legacy ready. One class is PR work and the other is finding the right editor or agent so I’m deciding which way to go it may help with next months PBD article. I’ve also been writing. This months article is in and I’ll let you know when it’s going to post. I know I’ve been posting a lot lately and I may slow down but being out of touch for so long my brain needs to let it all out. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.