Okay so I’ve had so many birthday wishes its been great. I best has been my wake up call from my Flyboy this morning and then I got a surprise when he didn’t have to fly today and I got to skype with him they only thing that would be better is if he’d show up on my Mom’s door step but I know that’s not going to happen.

On to River Marked by Patricia Briggs, it like Pale Demon had a lot of information packed in it but not in a bad way and it wasn’t overwhelming. This book we did see some Fae, Werewolves, Vampires, and Ancient Gods but even though so many people were packed in one book it didn’t seem like there was too much. Most of the story is a history lesson for Mercy as she and Adam had time alone well somewhat. Mercy does get into trouble as always but like normal she saves the day as well. This story is a soul search in many ways as Mercy learns the lessons she must learn and even though so many people make appearances they are not in the whole book. It’s a must read and I can’t get to much into details without telling the good parts. I will say it did make me cry. It was one of the hardest books to read and know Mercy would make it out. There were time I wondered if she would. It was the hardest fight she’s ever had to fight and she barely made it out alive.