I had some time to think about the book and gather some thoughts. I also talked with one of my friends who really loves the series too so that helped me put things together quicker but not enough that I can give a review without giving away good info. Heck there are so many good things that just talking about it seems like I’m giving things away. I know that sounds crazy but the book was that good. There are so many little things that are going on that I can’t really tell you much but to read this book, you’ll love it. Granted you may want to read the first eight before hand if you haven’t already they are good too. But this one puts those into a whole new light now you question things differently and wonder what people namely Trent was thinking and or doing. What he was feeling and why would he do it that way? It will make you laugh and cry and possible at the same time. So much is in this book but not in a way that make is seem overwhelming it all fits, it works together, and flows smoothly. There are so many emotions that come out of this book that it makes you wonder how much more Rachel can take. This book is a journey for everyone in it and everyone who reads it I think. It’s a book of bonding and of trust of looking at the what you thought you knew and seeing it from a different angle. It’s about learning to trust when you’ve never really trusted before and its about love. More than any other book in this series this one is about love and what one does for love.

Kim is a master writer and once you read this book you’ll understand why she is one person I’d love to not only meet but also pick her brain and have as a mentor. But like I’ve said many times I’m chicken to even ask I’m so in ah of her writing and of her wicked imagination. And yes after reading this book I can say she has a very very wicked and very cool imagination.

On a different note I have started reading River Marked by Patricia Briggs and so far is pretty good as well. So far no complaints. It should be good.