Back in Texas and staying with my Mom. I’ll be here for four months while my Flyboy is away and while the new house is being built. It’s me and all the pets the pups and Isaac and let me say Isaac is pissed. He’s gotten use to being the only pet living at Grandma’s and he’s not liking having Holly back or a new one, but he’ll have four months to get use to it I hope.

It’s a little strange living at home with Mom again not that its been more than a visit yet but just the thought that I’m here for four months seems a little strange. It’s not really moving back in but its longer than a visit? Have you guys ever had that strange place. Grant I do get to help my Mom pick out furinture for her new house and get settled in. And go through all my stuff that was still here when I first moved out with Flyboy. She says there’s a lot. I’m not looking forward to going through those boxes. 😉

See you soon.

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