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Things have been so crazy for me the last few weeks, and I know the blog has been lacking because of it. I’m sorry. With all of the traveling, and trying to find a place to live out here in Charleston, then finding out my Flyboy will be deploying and I’ll be going back to Dallas its been crazy. There’s other things going on as well and I’ll be starting a new page for that. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to label it but it will be dealing with some health issues that I have going on. Everyone always says write about what you know so this will be a place for people to see that they are not alone that their is a writer out here that has some health issues and she is dealing with them too. Hopefully I’ll be able to have some of my friends pipe in and talk about issues that they have too or the same issues if they feel like it. But hopefully this will help others know that they aren’t alone because sometimes it does feel like you are even when your not.

I’m working on my articles for Educate America and once I’m finished with them I’ll start working on editing once again. I’ll also be looking or a job that I can do from home so that I can work and write while I’m in Dallas. I get more writing done when I don’t have to drive into an office which is always nice. Plus I can keep you guys up to date a little better when I don’t have to do it from my phone. Or when I don’t have a head cold but I’m doing alright today. 🙂 However if I’m going to get any work done for Educate America I better stop talking to you guys and start typing on my articles for them. See you guy soon, have a wicked cool day. oxox