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Well my favorite holiday is over. I’m starting to pack up my house, at least what I can, and the movers come on Monday. I’m taking a class to help me with my hook for Legacy and I think its coming along. Class ends Thursday and hopefully Flyboy makes it home that day as well. All in all this is a busy week.

So my hook is this:  Brenton gets a call informing him that his missions, Alexandria Galinari, Uncle just died as he lurks across the street in the shadows.

I know I’m such a tease giving you this tidbit but you know you wanted it. Just wait until I start creating a book trailer which is my next class. You’ll love it.

On a different note I want to tell you guys about a great book I’ve been listening too and reading. I’ve been listening to Jim Butcher’s Side Jobs which is all of his short stories in one book. I’ve been loving them and finding out more information about Harry along the way. I’ve been reading Heat Wave by Richard Castle, and its wicked fun. If you’ve seen the show Castle it’s the books the author writes about the detective. It’s funny and a little steamy. Check them out.