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Today was a busy day. I worked at my normal job, had military stuff to do so Flyboy and I can get off the rock and worked on edits.

Legacy now has two new small chapters, that I think will help readers get a better feel for the darker side of the story. I changed it up because I’m still not getting that great of reviews on WeBook and I don’t think people are getting where the story is going. Will I know their not considering they only get a paragraph and a half to start off. One of the new chapters is the first one and we start off from the bad guys perspective. I’m hoping this helps. Before we didn’t meet the bad guys until chapter five or six now their front and center and like I’d started in later chapters we see them every third or so chapter.

Besides adding two new chapters I finished tearing apart chapter 3 and have made it into two separate chapters. It had been a really long chapter. Too much was in it and the fluff got cut. I have to rework the back half of the of what was chapter 3 so it flows for chapter 5 now but I think it will make more since and I won’t be re-describing things, i.e. the house.