Chapter 2 is now done, I just have to enter the changes. Now I get to read the parts I didn’t use in chapter 2 to see if I need to use them in a different chapter.

This weekend was pretty low key, we spent time with the family Payton is swimming great for a four year old and Xander was diving to pick up toys off the pool floor like a pro.

Arty is ready to play and run but he’s not aloud to for another two weeks, needless to say he not happy with me when I tell him no. It also cutting into my walking because Holly doesn’t behave when Arty’s not with us.

I have started to put up Halloween decorations. Lucas had said he wanted me to wait until the 1st but we have family coming out so we’re putting it up early. I don’t have everything out but I’m getting there. When its up I’ll take pictures. I’m hoping it will look Wicked Cool.