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So the last two days I’ve been searching for a job. I’m trying to get prepared for when Flyboy and I leave the rock. I haven’t found anything yet. I’ve had two companies contact me one here in HI for a insurance job (whatever gave them the idea I wanted to do insurance sales is beyond me) and a health care software company in WI (again not sure what they were looking at). I’ve applied to a couple of school to teach online. I’ve never taught online or at the college level but I’d like too that way I can still work on my writing and help others with theirs. I also put my resume up for Paralegal and writing/editing in hopes that I’ll be in the fields I know. Cross your fingers.

I’ve been checking my submission of Legacy on WeBook and people are liking it. It needs work which I’ve been working on, chapter 3 is up which is now chapter 2 I may have to cut a good piece of it because I’m not sure if it’s needed. I’m really wanted the writing tablet for these edits so I don’t have to kill trees, but for now I’m going to be killing trees until it returns to me. It shipped out Saturday so maybe it will be home next week (again cross your fingers) its on its own wicked flight back to CA to get repaired. I have worked on Little Boy Blue, the first set of edits are in the computer I need to add the second set. I’m at a good part so hopefully it will move quickly. If my trusted reader are up for reading it let me know. Blood has some good comment or WeBook too I know I need to work on spelling but other than that no complaints. I’ll also start working on turning One of the Boy’s into a story instead of the screenplay a friend of mine will be so happy he’s been bugging be to work on this for a year and I’m finally going to start.

That’s it for now, I hope you guys had a great weekend.