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So today between going into work having a doctor’s appointment and having a girls night out I actually did get some editing done. I worked on both Little Boy Blue and Legacy. I didn’t do much to Legacy so FlyBoy shouldn’t get to upset with me but I cut the first chapter. Chapter 2 is now chapter 1 I hope it works. On Webook I’m getting more ratings 2 people don’t think the story is original enough grant what they have doesn’t even touch what the story is about. The summary isn’t even the full summary I wanted to use and they only have the part of the first page well the old first page. I’ll have to resubmit it sucks but it’s what I have to do. I also have 3 writing needs work again more information on that please otherwise I can’t fix the issue. 3 people did actually say grammar and spelling that I can wrap my head around and considering I’m a dyslexia writer I know I have grammar and spelling issues. Yes you can say well use spell check, spell check is not my friend half the time spell check makes my writing worse. Dyslexia folks sound out words and silent letters makes sounding out words difficult so a lot of times I will have the word spelled correctly but the wrong word used. As a friend pointed out to me the other day when reading the short story Blood I had “were” in place of “where” and “bar keep” when I needed “barkeep” or vice verse a these are things spell check doesn’t catch and don’t get me started on slang. Spell check doesn’t do slang and when you’re writing a novel there are some words that call for slang or something like it. Don’t get me wrong I do have dictionaries and I do use them I really want an urban one that can sit on my desk with that Oxford American one that I use because looking words up online while writing is a pain especially when the internet isn’t working or I’m not near one.  If anyone finds one let me know. So yes grammar and spelling notes are helpful. The others not so much.