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Another day of crazy shopping. Have I ever told you I really dislike shopping, I know I’m a girl and I don’t like shopping well unless its for shoes I can usually shop for shoes but today was not a shoe day. I had to shop for girlie things which I really hate. I was at the store for two hours trying to find something that fit with my dress finally I found it but of course the store has to order it. It’s a really good thing I love Nordstroms because if it was any other store I would have walked out. The sales lady was awesome of course, most of the Nordy’s clerks are, but I walked in at 10 and I didn’t leave until almost noon. I didn’t even look at shoes really. I walked through shoes saw a pair that were cute but not right for my dress then headed to the first floor. Thankfully alterations came down to me so I can pick up my dress on Tuesday and my new purchase should be in next week too. Air Force Ball clothing check. Now for hair and nails.

Besides getting frustrated with trying on clothes today I had others issues. Holly has hit the trouble twos. No joke I didn’t know a puppy hit the trouble twos but she has. I had to put her in her house at least twice today, she just wouldn’t listen though she did make up for it tonight when we did some training she actually sat every time I told her too with the sit signal. Now if I can get her to mind when I tell her no and stop we’ll be good.

Other issues so as some of you know I’m accident prone. This morning Holly decided to have an accident right as I’m about to take her outside no joke. So I clean up her mess and am backing off the stairs spraying air freshener when I run into the metal gate Flyboy put up. I have a huge bruise it actually scratched the back of my thigh. Talk about pain, it hasn’t stopped aching. I still did my walk and I’m moving slowly but I didn’t do my other workout today when it hurts to sit its better not to mess with the bruise. Now mind you I bruise easy so you know this one is going to be nasty. Thankfully that was the only pain I had today but it might just be masking the other.

Time go start working on Little Boy Blue I’m still on the first page but it seems to be moving along.