Why is it that a handful of authors out there have somewhat slow chapters and that’s okay but when I’m trying to write a chapter that needs a slow beginning its “writing needs work.” Do people really think telling a writer “writing needs work” and not explaining what “work” their talking about is helpful? Is it grammar, spelling, not your writing style, I mean seriously tell me what your talking about. I say this because I just checked on the submission of Legacy‘s first page over at WeBook.com and a rater only put down “writing needs work.” Mind you its not even the whole first page and no it doesn’t jump out in grab you. I’m not putting action in the first chapter when the main character is headed to a funeral. This is what I don’t get when I’m sending out Legacy to all these agents asking for the first say five pages aren’t getting into the story because your getting to know the main character. You’re seeing that she’s having issues and that people that normally wouldn’t be hanging around her are. It’s little things that are in the first chapter that will make you start to think somethings going on but the first page all you know is that her rich uncle died and a friend is taking her to his plane.