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It’s Monday and life is crazy, but I heard good news this weekend. My Mom and step-dad are selling their house, and my Dad’s tumor markers came back and things are looking good. Granted my own issues have been kicking my butt but whats new. The pups were great this weekend and I had them all on my own. I only had to pop Holly on the bottom two and in my nose a few more times. She’s in the biting puppy stage and she’s getting in trouble for it.

I picked up and organizer this weekend and I’m loving it. I saw it at Target and with the move coming up, all the queries I have to send out, along with the articles to PBD I needed something to keep me straight. Yes I have a task app on my phone and that is great for when I need to schedule something or make calls but I didn’t really see away that it would help me keep track of when I sent queries out and when I should get responses back. As for the articles for PBD I’ve jotted down what I want to write and which months I think the article should go. I’m hoping its going to help with the move too so far I have everything I think we need to think about written down and when we have dates I’ll enter them into my phone and have task set up so I can schedule appointments. I’m not sure why I’m trying to be so organized but someone has to in this family (and its not Flyboy’s).